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The Family Law Centre provides proven tactics and strategies to protect your interests, safeguard your rights, and preserve your assets.
By being properly informed, you can avoid the devastation too many people experience when faced with Separation or Divorce.
By having solid information and access to an excellent legal support service, you can minimize divorce costs and financial stress and gain control over your life.

We strive to:

  • Provide you with meaningful family law information.
  • Help guide you through this difficult and emotionally stressful time.
  • Help you understand your rights, options and obligations and know how to protect them.
  • Ensure you make educated, informed choices and avoid costly mistakes, both financial and emotional.
  • Provide you with tools to assist you in organizing and preparing your information prior to consulting with a lawyer.
  • Offer insight and support using our ‘Separate Smart’ service.
  • Provide you with excellent support and an experienced family law lawyer in your community at a discounted rate.
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