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This site has lots of content for the growing "fathers-at-home-looking-after-the kids" segment of today's society. If you fit the category, there's material here you'll enjoy. (Part of the great Parenting site.)


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An interesting Canadian site for those involved with the "fathers rights" point of view. Their "files" on Justice, The Family Support Plan and Assessments discuss these topics from the perspective of fathers who have concerns about the way the system works and give advice and information to fathers caught in up in family law litigation.

FACT: Fathers Access and Cusstody SupporT Group of Canada

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FACT is a men's rights group in the Toronto area dealing with such issues as custody, access, divorce and violence against men. It has a good listing of links to other father's rights groups.

Men's Educational Support Association (MESA)

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This is a Canadian site proclaiming itself to be "Committed to Supporting Father's Rights" and whose main objective is "to help families, fathers and children caught in the turmoil of domestic crises." It monitors Canadian legislation impacting on fathers and has a listing of support groups across Canada. There is an excerpt from a study on Husband Battery, which deals with violence against men, and a listing of books dealing with men's issues.

The Father's Page: Fathering Issues and Resources

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The title here says it all. This site has The Fathers Forum, links to a variety of "men's" resources and a newsletter for stay at home dads called Full-Time Dads, "a magazine for caring fathers". (Also a Parenting site offering.)

The Fathers' Rights & Equality Exchange

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Founded by family law lawyer and divorced mother, Anne Michell, F.R.E.E. has a mission statement that the organization is "dedicated to the premise that parenting is a 50/50 proposition" and that it "stands up and advocates" for single fathers who want a responsible and equal involvement with their children.
The site is a bit confusing to get around in at first, but it has lots of nuggets if you keep looking. Check out the F.R.E.E. Crossroads page for links and resources as well as essays on fathers rights. F.R.E.E. channels its energies into Support, Education and Legislation and has a listing of support groups by region in the United States under Support.

Click on Education and then click on the Virtual Library for an extensive and well organinzed list of topics for further information. There's a commentary on each link offered so you can have an idea if it is going to be worth your while. The topics are oriented to the "father's" perspective but deal with a wide range of issues such as how to help or deal with children going through divorce as well as many, many others. There is also an Other Dad Resources page with links (but no annotations).

The Men's Issues Page

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The mission of this site is to "cover the several men's movements encyclopediacally". Lots and lots of links to other sites. One of the links is to the Single Dad's Index, described next.

The Single Dad's Index

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This site is associated with the Men's Issues Page, described above, but is much more focussed on the topic of single fathering. It contains discussions and links about Child Support, Custody, Divorce, etc., etc. It also has a link to Fatherhood, a site which may be of interest to fathers, whether single or not.

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One of the most noteable things about the Internet is how often sites you really like disappear. Everyone of the sites referred to above was operational and accessable at the time it was reviewed - but there is no guarantee it's still there. If you tried to click onto a site and had difficulty, please send us an e-mail so we can look into it. Thanks, Joel Miller


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