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As you might expect, there aren't many sites on the Internet devoted to Canadian family law matters. But interestingly enough, the ones available are terrific!

The Ontario Family Law Bulletin used to be simply the best site anywhere on the Internet for a discussion of family law cases and decisions. It's a site family law lawyers should bookmark and check monthly and which people with a particular family law concern should browse to see the latest in how judges are interpreting the law. (Unfortunately, this site hasn't been kept up to date for a long, long time. Its been revamped and a skinnier version is now available. Too bad the editors didn't have the time to keep up this internet resource in the wonderful format of its early days.)

Taken together these sites, though few in number, cover the topic wonderfully and give us a great deal of depth. Please keep in mind that there are a number of Canadian sites set out in other Directories here in the Family Law Centre and that we are always looking for others which should be added. If you know of one, please send us an e-mail with its address and a brief description of why you think it should be included.

As well, we are listing here those sites on the Internet by family law lawyers of which we are aware. There may be more and we'd be delighted to include them once we know about them. Please send us an e-mail with the Internet address so we can list them here. (We are hoping to develop an inclusive list of family law lawyers across Canada, whether they are on the Internet or not. Please check out our Family Law Lawyers Directory.)

Canadian Custody Home Page:

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Paul Millar, a lawyer in Whitehorse, Yukon, has a really interesting idea for this Canadian Internet site but only has a limited amount of information on it at the moment. You can access some interesting statistics here about custody, but not much general information as yet. The site hasn't been kept up so the statistics are old. Hopefully he will be adding to his site, as the premise is one of great promise and could become quite interesting.

Consumer Price Index (Statistics Canada)

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This site gives you Satistics Canada information on an up to date basis which is not easily available elsewhere. It contains charts and numbers about the many matters this agency reports upon and is a gold mine of information on almost anything statistical under the sun.

To get the latest information about the Cost of Living Index (an important piece of information for those with support orders with increases based upon these figures) click on Daily News. From here you can access the Latest Release of the Consumer Price Index (CPI). This lets you see the change in the CPI for Canada or any of the Provinces for the previous month over the month earlier or the year earlier. Just scroll down the page to get what you want.

To see when the CPI will be released for any month in the year still to come, or when it was released for any month in the current year already passed, check the Release Dates 1998. You have to scroll down the lsit to Consumer Price Index and then clicking on that will bring up the Release dates for each month of the year. You can click on any of the months for whcih the figures have already been released to get to that chart.

For a month in a previous year there's a bit more you have to do. It looks more difficult than it is - just follow these steps:

Divorce Act - Current Version as amended May 1st, 1997Divorce Act - As Amended

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There are different ways to get to access the Divorce Act on the Internet. The easiest site to use is put up by The Canadian Legal Information Centre. This is a hypertext version so that when one section of the Act refers to another you can jump there easily. Because the Centre has so much other useful Canadian information, this is definitely the place to go. Their version has the May 1st, 1997 amendments dealing with the Child Support Guidelines included, so it's really the one most lawyers will be interested in. (For more about this great site check Other Canadian Legal Sites) It leaves out certain sections which are clearly marked, but you aren't likely to need those anyway.

Bill Riley also has an amended and hypelinked version of the Divorce Act. At his wide ranging site, Bill Riley's Page, you'll be sure to find much more information of interest.

The official version of the Divorce Act is accessible from the Department of Justice. Its not an amended version and should now be read with caution. When you click on a highlighted line you are taken to the French version if you're reading it in English, or the English version, if you're reading it in French.

Divorce Law in Canada - An Introduction

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The World Wide Legal Information Association, based in British Columbia, provides a wonderful resource with a huge and impressive variety of legal information about Canadian, English and American law - with even some information about Australia and New Zealand. This site is discussed in greater detail in Other Canadian Legal Sites and is a great place to explore but it has one particular feature of interest to those looking for family law information. By going to Divorce Law in Canada - An Introduction you can get into a primer on Canadian divorce law and then click onto sections dealing with such topics as Divorce Law, Marriage, Matrimonial Property in Canada and Spousal Support. Each of these has brief and easy to read material on the subject chosen and is a great way to get a foundation about the area you are interested in. It's written for the lay person and not at all intimidating. There is a major flaw, however, in their material - their information about child support is all outdated as it doesn't take into consideration the impact of the Child Support Guidelines. As a result, it's best to not even look at their discussions on that topic.

Divorce Magazine

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Divorce Magazine started life in the Spring of 1996 as Toronto Divorce. A great idea is tough to hold down and it now has a Chicago, New York and Southern California editions. You can access excerpts from articles in each of its past editions. It also has a listing of Divorce Services available - although this may be restricted to people who advertize. The excerpts give you a taste of the content of the magazine itself, which is designed to help clarify the mysteries of divorce related topics for the lay person. The site is recommended and so is the print copy of the magazine.

Don Moir's Family Law Canada

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Don Moir, a lawyer in Vancouver, has put up a full and valuable site filled with all sorts of Canadian family law information. What distinguishes this site from most of the others is the range and detail of the original information he has posted. There are a number of well written and informative articles on family law matters as well as a thorough listing of Internet sites dealing with Canadian, American and International issues.

Canadian Family Law Legislation

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We've collected as much of the Canadian Family Law legislation we could find on the web and brought it together here. It's listed by province and if you know of any we have not yet come across, please send us an email so we can make the addition.

Ontario Family Law Act, as amended.

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Here it is, FLC's unofficial consolidated version of the Ontario Family Law Act after the amendments to it made by the Uniform Federal and Provincial Child Support Act have been integrated. As a result, this is the way the Family Law Act reads with the amendments in place. Our Index is hyperlinked so you can find the section you want and go there directly. This is the version of the FLA in effect since December 1st, 1997. You can view the official version of the Family Law Act without amendments at the Ontario Government's site (but I often find this site difficult to access) and the FLC's copy of the Uniform Federal and Provincial Child Support Guidelines Act, 1997 to see where the two pieces of legislation separately.

There is also a version of the Ontario Family Law Act (without the amendments) put up by Bill Riley and is available on Bill Riley's Web Page, a site strongly recommended for a visit. By viewing the Act here you can also go to the entire Ontario Rules of Civil Procedure or just those Rules dealing with Divorce and Family Law Act matters in Ontario.

Ontario Family Law Bulletin

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What a great site this is!! Or was. You can search the Internet high and low and you won't come across anything better for finding real law set out in an easy to read and breezy manner telling you what the cases are about in a way that you don't have to be a lawyer to understand. The problem is that this wonderful and informative site was dormant for a long period and is now back but in a slimmed down version. As well, it's not kept as up to date as one would like.

Even so, this is a site you should take a look at. Although the site refers to cases of Ontario family law interest it deals with matters under the Divorce Act and therefore of interest to people across the nation. As family law lawyers realize, merely knowing what the legislation says isn't good enough. You need to know how the legislation is being interpreted by judges to have a good understanding of your position.

The OFLB used to be posted monthly "with the latest cases and changes in laws that affect family law in Ontario" and has an index to earlier Bulletins. Sometimes the month's Bulletin is on a single topic or deals with a few matters or sets out a compendium of new and interesting cases during the current month. As set out above, sometimes the month's Bulletin isn't ther at all.

This was not merely a fabulous Canadian family law site - it was simply not bettered anywhere on the Internet for what it purported to present. It is curious that there aren't more of this type of site dealing with other areas of the law, whether Canadian or American, and too bad that it's not being maintained.

Pension Valuators of Canada

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This is the Internet site for a Peterborough, Ontario, firm doing, obviously, pension valuations. While this is a commercial site, it has a number of easy to read articles and comments under the heading Topical Bulletins and Briefs. Pensions are a very technical and complex area. The items posted here help make the topic easier to understand whether you are a family law lawyer or someone dealing with valuing your pension for family law purposes. To brush up or get fresh information on pensions, check out this site.


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This is the only place on the Internet for regularly updated "snippets" of Canadian family law cases and is a service we're delighted to offer here at the FLC. There are separate pages of brief notes about cases dealing with: Child and Spousal Support, Custody & Access and Miscellaneous cases. These are unreported cases and help you keep abreast by providing a sampling of what the courts are doing on these family law issues. They are usually updated every one or two weeks and are from across the country. This is the only place you can get this sort of Canadian Law for free on the Internet.

Queen's University Faculty of Law Course Notes: Professor Miklas

Queen's University Faculty of Law Course Notes: Professor Miklas

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Here's another of those great sites found on the Internet. Queens not only sets out Canada's first (and we think only) set of law school Family Law course notes, but it sets out two separate sets.

Prof. Miklas's Course Notes are set out in chapters and you can find out what this family law professor expects law students to know about family law.

Professor Bailey's Course Notes contain a different type of family law information in separate chapters and include not only a Divorce Quiz but also copies of the family law exams from 1995 to the present. This is a great way to see if you know what the Queen's Faculty of Law feels their students should know if they are to graduate their family law course.

If you have an area of family law you are interested in and want something more detailed than found here at the Family Law Centre or the other places we list, be sure to look into this resource. This wonderful service to Queen's students (the same thing is offered for many other of the courses at Queens) is a gift to the rest of us.

There is a listing of 18 Faculty of Law and other sites offering course note outlines found at the Internet Legal Resource Guide. Only two contain any reference to family law course outlines. Of these one has discontinued the service and the other has only a skeleton that isn't in the same category of depth or quality offered by Queen's. Congratulations to Queen's Faculty of Law.

The Access to Justice Network

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This site deals with issues relating to Canadian justice and legal information. In it's Other Internet Resources section there is a very detailed list of subjects in alphabetical order for you to access for lists of resources on the Internet. From here you can access sites about such family law topics as Child Abuse, Divorce, Family and Family Violence. The site is discussed more fully in Other Canadian Legal Sites.

Family Law Lawyers on the Internet

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Stephen R. Biss

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Stephen R. Biss is a lawyer carrying on a general practice which includes family law and his site has links to the Ontario Family Law Act and the Divorce Act (both versions are without the recent amendments) as well as to the various government announcements about the new Child Support Guidelines. Not much original material here but the site does have links to a limited number of lawyers who carry on the practice of family law in Peel County, Ontario.

Gene C. Colman, Family Law Centre

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Gene Colman is a family law lawyer in Toronto, Ontario, who has quite an extensive family law Internet site. He sets out many articles and comments he has written on a variety of family law matters and has links to other family law related sites. Well worth visiting.

Stephen Lautens' Wild Web Thing

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Stephen brings a somewhat lighter touch to the Internet worlds of family law and politics. His Wild World Web page has a great picture of him and a "Test Your Family law knowledge" quiz. He also has a "Brief Guide to Ontario Family law" with easy to read information on a variety of subjects. You'll enjoy visiting his site.

Carey Linde: Divorce For Men

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Carey is a Vancouver lawyer with two wonderful sites. He is the host of The Surfing Lawyer which is a great site for all kinds of legal information, both from Canada and the rest of the world.

On his site, Carey has information about himself and his practice with a statement of his philosophy ("Equal rights for Men and Women - No exceptions! for the kids sake ..."). This site has a great listing of Vancouver Area Resources, which is the kind of thing every city should eventually develop. But the site is particularly noteworthy for what must be the most extensive and exhaustive listing of Men's Resources and Women's Resources on any site on the Internet - certainly any Canadian site I've seen. He labels each site he lists with a flag so you can tell its country of origin and usually sets out a brief note about the site.

If you're interested in any of the Men's or Women's issues, this is definitely the place to start.

Don Moir's Family Law Canada

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Don Moir, a lawyer in Vancouver, has put up a full and valuable site filled with all sorts of Canadian family law information. What distinguishes this site from most of the others is the range and detail of the original information he has posted. There are a number of well written and informative articles on family law matters as well as a thorough listing of Internet sites dealing with Canadian, American and International issues.

Lawrence S. Pascoe

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Lawrence Pascoe is a lawyer in Nepean, Ontario. His site has a variety of articles and "packets" of information on Family Law, Wills & Estates and Residential Real Estate. There articles he has written on various family law topics, a great checklist of items to keep in mind when preparing a Separation Agreement and a detailed Matrimonial Information form for clients to fill out to simplify matters for their lawyer.

Joel Skapinker

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Joel is a family law lawyer in Toronto with his own Internet site. Apart from information about him and his practice he has some interesting notes and comments about various aspects of choosing and dealing with a lawyer and on specific family law matters.

Alan Poole

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Alan Poole has a two lawyer firm in Toronto, Ontario specializing in family law. His site contains a group of easy to read articles on family law topics as well as a Separation Agreement Checklist.

Click here to submit any information regarding other Canadian Family Law sites you think should be added to this Directory. Thanks, Joel Miller.

One of the most noteable things about the Internet is how often sites you really like disappear. Everyone of the sites referred to above was operational and accessible at the time it was reviewed - but there is no guarantee it's still there. If you tried to click onto a site and had difficulty, please send us an e-mail so we can look into it. Thanks, Joel Miller

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