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Divorce Therapy: When Two Become One

Deborah Hecker, PhD, is a private-practice psychotherapist specializing in divorce counseling. She offers individual and group tele-counseling to assist divorcing individuals deal with their losses and transition to successful lives as non-partnered people.

With over twenty years of private psychotherapy experience, Dr. Hecker's divorce counseling has helped hundreds of people face their challenges and build successful post-divorce lives. Her practice has been profiled in the Washington Post and Harper's Bazaar as well as on numerous television and radio programs..

  Dr. Hecker combines compassion developed from her own painful divorce with professional training to help her clients face their fears and become self-determining, confident individuals..
Dr. Hecker is offering a free 50-minute tele-counseling session as part of her partnership with the Family Law Centre.

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When two people have been intimately involved in one another’s lives, living, eating, sleeping, raising children, and perhaps even working together, letting go of day-to-day interaction can be exceedingly difficult. Either or both parties may feel bereft when they no longer check in with one another throughout the day. Even if the quantity or quality of those interactions declines as the marriage falls apart, fear of not having someone “there” can be paralyzing.


Married people are used to venting their emotions about bad days at work, problems with the kids, and other issues with their spouses. Now the very person who used to listen and understand those feelings is the cause and focus of them. The loss of a confidant during one of life’s greatest crises can be debilitating-dealing with the fear of having to “start over”.


“Starting Over” means setting up a new household, taking on new roles, making new friends, and eventually dating and entering into a new romantic relationship. As human beings, we identify with our roles: daughter son, friend, sibling, husband, wife, and parent. The loss of one of these very important roles makes many people going through divorce feel confused about their purpose in life. It may even lead to feelings of worthlessness or trigger a depressive episode.
Divorce is a devastating life event that can result in intense and fulfilling personal growth. This is difficult for people to accomplish on their own. However, any of the above issues-and most divorcing people experience more than one-can result in a person becoming “stuck” and giving in to bitterness and self-pity.
Therapy is helpful because counselors act as advocates for their clients and provide guidance and support as they work through their feelings. It’s an investment of time and effort that will pay off in the form of a happier future.